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Bolton Staffing

“...It’s great that Bolton takes care of all the recruitment, office, and administrative duties so I can focus on building my business and increasing partnerships.”

– Thomas K., CEO of an internet start-up company

Making Remote Staffing Simple for Businesses Every Day

Our clients Include: Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Large Organization
Departments, growing their business ideas by hiring people remotely.

Sales & Marketing Staff

  • Sales Callers
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Content Writers
  • Customer Support Staff

Digital Design

  • Video Editors
  • Animators
  • Web Designers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Training Materials Designers


  • Supply Chain Researchers
  • Lead Generation / Verification Specialists
  • Market Researchers
  • Online Researchers

Can’t find the the talent you need? Click here for a complete listing

  • Decrease your time-to-hire
  • Cut total employment costs
  • Evaluate long-term hires
  • Keep your office the way it is
  • Expand recruitment reach
  • Staff new projects effortlessly

More Quotes from Our Other Valued Clients:

“With increased price pressures from startup competitors in our industry, we had no choice but to seek alternative workforce solutions. Bolton enables us to move closer to our end goal of expansion.”

– Jeff M., Managing Director of a leading Australian training organization

“Unlike freelancers, remote staff is very much your full-time employee. Bolton's remote staff work solely for you. Their attention isn't diluted by other projects.”

– Brian L., CEO of a US-based retail company

Businesses, Startups, Entrepreneurs, & Departments
in Big Organizations Rely on Our Remote Staffing Models

Industries and companies we support

  • – Digital Marketing
  • – Publishing
  • – Advertising
  • – Research
  • – E-Learning
  • – Design Agencies
  • – Marketing Agencies
  • – PR Firms
  • – Legal Firms
  • – Medical Practices
  • – Architectural Firms
  • – Accounting Firms
  • – Software Companies
  • – Big Data Companies
  • – Restaurants

A Remote Staffing Model that Works.

This is Not Outsourcing. This is Not Freelancing.
This is Not Work-From-Home. This is Not Telecommuting.

  • Start Hiring without Lifting a Finger

    Recruiting takes time, money, and effort. With us, all you do is send your staffing wishlist, choose your hires, and you’ve got your a specialist – that’s it!

  • Cut Total Employment Costs

    Local hires mean extra costs. Consider the benefits and government-required fees you involve. What if we said you didn’t have to spend on these extra costs with our help?

  • Don’t Be Limited by Your Local Talent Pool

    Sometimes the right employees just can’t be found in your town or city. Expand your recruitment reach. Tap into an ever-growing source of talent through Remote Staffing. You’ll like what you’ll find.

  • Take Remote Staffing for a Test Drive

    Get a feel for the benefits of going remote by starting with a small team. Find yourself liking it? Ramp up your remote staff by letting us know - we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Get More Staff while Keeping Your Office

    Growing your company doesn’t mean spending more on a bigger office. Go remote and keep adding people to your team without crowding your office.

  • Staff New Projects on Demand

    Some projects require long-term in-house specialists. Others need temporary staff. Both can hassle you under time pressure. Meet your growth and timelines with remote staffing.

How Bolton’s Remote Model Works for You

Taking responsibility for 3 different company functions, we at Bolton make sure your remote experience is
convenient and cost-effective.

We Recruit

Our business seeks out active jobseekers looking to share their expertise to companies and organizations like yours. We conduct interviews to filter our candidates, resulting in a solid talent pool you would want to tap into.

We Employ

Bolton takes responsibility of your hires by managing their payroll, making sure they have access to numerous company benefits, and have the HR support they need.

We Outfit Office Space

We also make sure your remote staff have all they need to accomplish their daily tasks from our fully-furnished, modern offices or Talent Centers.

Payment And Pricing

For all 3 functions, you’ll only have to pay a simple rate based on the hours worked every month.


No hidden fees, no add-ons. Period.

4 Steps to Start Your Remote Team

  • 1

    Tell Us Who You Need – Your Staffing Wishlist

    Our HR experts talk with you and understand your hiring requirements. We help put together job descriptions for people you need with a very hands-on approach to customer service so you save time sifting through resumes. We make it easy.

  • 2

    Interview Your Candidates Remotely

    We schedule the interviews at the time most convenient for you, and make sure your candidates are ready to use video so you can see and interact with them as if they were sitting right in front of you.

  • 3

    Pick People for Your Remote Team

    Decide on their start dates, and we do the prep work for you. Your remote staff receive bootcamp training in using remote technologies, so they are equipped to maximize your remote working experience.

  • 4

    Manage, Collaborate, and Get Things Done

    From Day 1, your employees work for you inside our global offices. You manage with your style, culture, and processes. This is not outsourcing.

Real Resumes for Real People

Here are experienced, skilled professionals and their profiles in our ever-growing pool of talents.

Joey T., Video Producer – Worked for several companies, producing several television advertisements broadcast nationally. He also directed films that have been recognized in awards competitions, and published books to his name.

Beth B., Senior Marketing Manager – She helped her previous company become the second most recognized brand in the business-process outsourcing industry. Her expertise also allowed them to reach a workforce of 22,000 employees across 13 sites in the country.

Ariel T., JavaScript Developer – Was a software engineer for an international academic publishing company that provides website development services for Cambridge University Press.

Get more profiles by contacting us.